Calcot Park – Members' notices

Members Guest Green Fee Offer

The Board is pleased to inform you that books of Five Green Fee Tickets for the Price of Four are now available for you to purchase from the office. We hope that you will be able to make use of worthwhile initiative to entertain your friends and colleagues.



Members' Promotion

The Board are pleased to announce that £50 will be credited to any Member's Bar Card who proposes a Full or 5 day Member who subsequently joins.

Clubhouse Regulations

The Board have determined that the following regulations will apply with immediate effect and will be revised and/or amended annually if necessary.

Dogs, unless “Guide Dogs for the Blind” or “Dogs for the Disabled” are not allowed in the Clubhouse.

Dress Regulations
In the event of any doubt, the Bar Staff, the Staff in the General Managers Office and the Catering Staff will be happy to give advice on the suitability of the standard of Dress. Plain Blue Denim may be worn in the Clubhouse providing it is clean and does not contain rips or tears.
Clean smart* casual clothes may be worn in all areas of the clubhouse, with restrictions after 19.00 hours.
*smart casual clothes may include those worn for Golf, Tailored Shorts.
Shirts designed to be worn loose do not need to be worn tucked in.
Footwear, smart clean footwear is required throughout the clubhouse, this to include the covering of Toes and Heels at all times. Socks if worn with shorts must be predominantly white.

Lounge and Dining Room

  • Pre 19.00 hours; Restrictions apply to clothes which are stained or dirty, these are not acceptable in the Lounge or Dining room. 

  • Post 19.00 hours; Users are required to change from golfing attire to clean smart casual clothes as a minimum. (excludes any clothes worn for golf that day). Tailored shorts must not be worn in the Dining Room or Main Lounge area.
    When using the Casual (TV) Bar, lower lounge and the 19th hole Bar, you are not required to change.

Presentation Evenings
When receiving a ‘Presentation’ from the Captain, gentlemen must wear Jacket and Club Tie.
Ladies must dress to the correspondingly appropriate standard.
When receiving a presentation immediately after a competition the dress code is relaxed to smart casual, to include attire worn during the competition.

Note: (Applicable to all members, guests and visitors) ‘T-Shirts’, sleeveless and collarless shirts, garments designed for other sports and those carrying offensive motifs or sayings, cut-down or frayed shorts are not permitted in the clubhouse. trainer and/or sport shoe types are permitted in the Clubhouse along with clean soft spike golf shoes in the foyer, changing rooms, 19th Bar, TV Bar and Clubhouse surrounds including patio. 

Eating Areas
Only Food and Beverages purchased at the Clubhouse may be consumed within the Clubhouse or on the Patio Area. Cooked food may be eaten anywhere except in the Lounge unless all other areas are full. The only food permitted in the Lounge will be Tea/Coffee, hot/cold Sandwiches and Cakes but not consumed at the Bar. 

Headwear with the exception religious garments must be removed prior to entering the Clubhouse.

Intoxicating Liquor
Intoxicating Liquor shall not be sold to a person under the age of eighteen years for consumption on or off the premises.

Mobile Telephones
Mobile telephones are not permitted to be used in the Clubhouse* (except in the Foyer, changing rooms or Bill Parsons Room). Owners or users of these appliances who may need to be contacted may use them to be paged or bleeped, but are requested to make or receive calls either in the Foyer by the public telephones or outside of the Clubhouse. (See Course Regulations)
*For the purpose of these regulations, the Lounge is defined as the Upper Area only (i.e. the Original Lounge) and the Lower Lounge Area is part of the Casual (Mixed) Bar. 

The speed limit on all roads in the Park is 15mph.


The entire Clubhouse and any areas where food is being served or consumed are designated as No Smoking Areas. 

Course Regulations
‘The Board’ have determined that the following regulations will apply with immediate effect and will be revised and/or amended annually if necessary.

Dogs are allowed on the Course but not;

  1. On Competition Days

  2. During any Knock-out competition.

  3. During friendly play if any of your playing group objects.

In general friendly play please contact your playing partners prior to the day to see if they have any objection for your animal being on the course with you.
Dogs should be kept on a lead at all times, the owner is responsible to ensure they do not interfere with or worry players or hold up play.
Dog owners will be responsible for cleaning up after the animal and any damage their animal may do.
At the request of the General Manager or Member of ‘The Board’, a Dog must be removed from the Course.

(See also Clubhouse Regulations)

Dress Regulations
The Standard of Dress on the Course must at all times, be commensurate with that required by a quality golf course. In the event of any doubt, the Professional’s Staff, the Staff in the General Managers office and the Bar Staff will be happy to give advice on the suitability of the Standard of Dress.

Shoes worn for the playing of Golf must be specifically designed for that purpose. 

Shorts specifically designed for golf or Tailored shorts may be worn provided they are of a sensible length (i.e. within 25 mm of the knee). 

Plain or those specifically designed for golf are permitted. Small unobtrusive logos are acceptable. Garments must be worn tucked in at the waist.

Men and Ladies must wear predominantly white short or trainer socks with shorts.

Dress Restrictions applicable to all members, guests and visitors.
The following are NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances;

  • 'T'-Shirts

  • Garments designed for other sports and those carrying offensive motifs or sayings

  • Trousers tucked into socks

  • Cut-down or frayed shorts

  • Sleeveless or collarless shirts (unless designed for golf)

  • Training shoes

  • Blue Denim of any description

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