Calcot Park

Course Status

Course Open . Trolleys in use . Please exercise caution on all Bridges , Banks & slopes. Mobility scooters and Buggies in use . Tom Jennings Course Manager Updated: 19th Apr 2024

Course Status

Dress Code

Dress Policy & Club Information

The Board have determined that the following regulations apply and will be revised and/or amended annually as necessary.

As the world continues to change at ever quickening speeds around us, at Calcot Park Golf Club we firmly believe that if we are to continue to have a thriving and active membership, we will be best served by simply asking everyone to follow the guidelines stated within this code.


These dress rules are for the guidance of members, guests and visitors, and are intended to be open, understandable, workable, and to be consistent with standards of dress considered acceptable at modern-day Golf Clubs.

The rules are not intended to be fully prescriptive, and are in some cases open to interpretation, but Members are expected to take personal responsibility for observing standards of dress that reflect well on themselves and Calcot Park Golf Club.

Golf attire means clothes that are generally available for purchase in professional's shops or similar.

Members guests, visitors, visiting societies, visiting teams and those participating in open competitions are required to comply with this dress code.

Members are responsible for their individual guests, Team Captains for any visiting team, the General Manager and Professional Staff for societies and visitors to ensure they are advise accordingly.

Golfers should preferably change their clothing and footwear in the locker rooms and not in the car park.

The dress code for the Course includes the driving range, all practice areas and the putting green.

To view Calcot Park's Dress Policy please click HERE

Other information

Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Devices

The taking and making of calls on mobile phones is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the golf course (except in the foyer, changing rooms, Bill Parsons room or for emergency purposes). Mobile phones and other electric devices (such as laptops, iPads, tablets) may be used throughout the Clubhouse for purposes other than making telephone calls, provided they are on “silent” mode and they do not affect the enjoyment of others. The “lower lounge” has been designated as an area for remote working for members.


Headwear, with the exception of religious garments, must be removed prior to entering the Clubhouse.

Intoxicating Liquor

Intoxicating Liquor shall not be sold to a person under the age of eighteen years for consumption on or off the premises.

Estate Roads

The speed limit on all roads in and around the park is 15 mph.

Smoking & Electronic Cigarettes

The entire Clubhouse and any areas where food is being served or consumed are designated as No Smoking Areas. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted to be used indoors.


Dogs are not allowed in the Main Bar, Restaurant or any area on the 1st floor, with the exception of registered "Guide Dogs for the Blind” or “Dogs for the Disabled”. Dogs are permitted on the Patio, the "Lower Lounge" (the hard floor area between the main lounge and the patio) and the “Back Bar”. Dogs are also permitted on the Golf Course (except for competition days) provided that they are kept under-control at all times. Owners must pick up after their dogs and take any waste home. Bins on the golf course are not Dog Waste bins.

Personal Belongings

The Club will not be responsible for any item left unattended in the Car Park or Dressing Rooms.


The Club accepts no liability for injury, loss or damage to persons or their property whilst on the Golf Course, in the Clubhouse or any other areas of the grounds. We recommend all participants to have adequate insurance cover in respect of such matters.

Course Care

All members, guests and visitors are expected to respect the course which includes but is not limited to: repairing pitch-marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers, picking up litter. Please treat the golf course and the greenkeeping team with respect.

Practice on the 18-Hole Golf Course

Single players only are allowed to play a maximum of two golf balls on the 18-hole Golf Course for practice purposes, and only when pace of play conditions allow. From fairway to green, both balls shall be played as they lie and it is not permitted to hit practice shots from the same location with both balls, as this causes unnecessary co-located divots and turf damage. On the Green, players are to ensure that that all pitch marks created from their shots, hit with the two balls in play, are properly repaired.

Tee time booking

Before any member, guest or visitor plays the course, they must book a tee time via IG or the professional shop. This to ensure there is an accurate account of who is playing the course and that any health and safety issues can be observed should they occur.

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