Calcot Park

Course Status

Course Open. Trolleys with winter wheels only. No mobility scooters or Buggies today. Please carry if you can ! Tom Jennings Course Manager Updated: 29th Nov 2023

Course Status

Intermediate Membership

Our Intermediate Membership Scheme starts at 19 years of age for just £224 per year and is available until the age of 29.

The breakdown of fees payable are as follows:

Age Subscription Bar Levy
19 £224 £100
20 £286 £100
21 £289 £100
22 £293 £100
23 £296 £100
24 £428 £200
25 £565 £200
26 £727 £200
27 £861 £200
28 £995 £200
29 £1126 £200

Bar Levy

A £100.00 Bar Levy applies to Intermediate members up to Intermediate 23, increasing to £200.00 from Intermediate 24 to Intermediate 29.

Entry Fee

The £1,725 joining fee is payable before the age of 30, calculated from age at 1st June each year. The joining fee can be split into 3, yearly payments of £600 (£1800 in total). We must, however, reiterate that, should your membership cease for any reason prior to your final joining fee payment, the outstanding entrance fee amount at the time must be paid in full.


Intermediate members are also shareholders of the Club. On joining, Intermediate members also acquire 115 shares (at £1.00 per share). This fee is payable on joining, and is refunded when membership of the club ceases. On reaching 30 years of age, and moving to Full Membership, Intermediate members purchase an additional 45 shares (at £1.00 per share) to bring their Full Sharing holdng up to 160 shares.

For more information on Intermediate membership, please enquire with the office.

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