Calcot Park

Intermediate Membership

Our Intermediate Membership Scheme starts at 19 years of age for just £207 per year and is available until the age of 29. The proportionate part of the joining fee each year is due and a one-off payment of £115 for the shareholding.

The breakdown of fees payable are as follows:

Age  Subscription
19 £217
20 £277
21 £280
22 £284
23 £287
24 £415
25 £548
26 £705
27 £835
28 £966
29 £1093

A £50 bar levy per year is required from ages 24+

The £1,200 joining fee is payable before the age of 30, calculated from age at 1st June each year. We must, however, reiterate that, should your membership cease for any reason prior to your final payment, the outstanding entrance fee amount at the time must be paid in full. If you are to join mid-way through this cycle, the £1,200 joining fee will be split from the year you join to the year you finish as an intermediate member or over a 3 year period (whichever is greater). 

Calcot Park Juniors, with at least 2 years membership may receive a discounted Entrance Fee. 

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